Assups Residence

Quogue, New York

Located in Quogue, New York, this 4,000 sq.ft. residence is to be built for a speculative client and embraces the local “shingle style” building vernacular. Functioning primarily as a summer residence, the house is organized by creating an entry court and main entry situated on a raised porch, nestled between the house and garage, surrounded by gardens. The spacious first floor plan opens onto a large exterior deck space with a sunken pool. The second floor contains five bedrooms with views to the local bay.

Modern energy systems and building techniques will provide for a high performance building structure. The exterior of the house will be clad in natural white cedar shingles, painted white trim & light grey asphalt shingles. An open lawn and gardens will surrounded the house and deck with continuous a boxwood privacy hedge that will the perimeter of the property.